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New Jersey Landlord Tenant Issues

Since being in practice, I have had many clients, both Landlords and Tenants, and have handled a myriad of issues facing both parties. In this blog post, I will be addressing a few New Jersey Landlord Tenant Issues I think both parties need to be aware of. First off, a Landlord in New Jersey cannot, […]

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Help! What to do if you are robbed

Hi Everyone! I hope you have already read my “Helpful Sites” piece and found it, well, helpful! Today’s post concerns somewhat of a different matter, but will hopefully still be “helpful” to anybody out there that has been stolen from or robbed. A little back-story: a few years ago I was robbed at the Jersey […]

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Helpful Sites!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my website. I am so glad you visited me! I wanted to list some websites I thought would be most helpful for legal questions and issues. These are great sites for both Pennsylvania and New Jersey legal concerns. http://www.njsba.com/ and http://www.pabar.org/ – New Jersey and Pennsylvania State Bar Association websites are […]

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